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Author Topic: Brett Kavanaugh deserves 95 votes, but we値l settle for the fact that a constitutionalist is getting  (Read 2181 times)


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Corporate personhood was established through judicial interjection.  What do you think of it?

You clearly do not understand how The Constitution works - It actually came with an instruction manual.
The writers knew that with time, changes would be needed - those changes come about through Amendments.
No where in the instruction manual does it say that Justices should simply interject their opinions on how to change it.

The rest of your words are just gibberish.

"Yet with the appointment of the kind of ultra-conservative Supreme Court  one that痴 completely off the charts for the rest of the world  one dominated by what in American terms are called 登riginalists, no change to the Constitution can ever happen. No reinterpretation of it  塗ey, would the founders have given everyone insulin if it had been around, or were they really so stupid and mean that they would have let Americans die for a lack of basic medicine?  can, either. Americans have to adhere 100% to the principles of hundreds of years ago, which couldn稚 imagine the world of today  and making its essentials affordable, accessible, and available to all. The great public goods the rest of the rich world  and even much of the poor one  has learned to endow people with will never become rights because now a Supreme Court that痴 so conservative it痴 off the charts will be stacked against exactly that.

Falling American living standards are fueling a vicious cycle of authoritarianism, and that cycle is likely to accelerate now because Americans won稚 enjoy the same rights as the rest of the rich world."

The American operating system is obsolete but we have ensured that we will never get an upgrade. 

By Donald Wilfong

With the conclusion


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Still hoping for a link that showed that there was lots of support among Democrats for Kavanaugh. 


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Still hoping for a link that showed that there was lots of support among Democrats for Kavanaugh.

That is not what you asked for


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