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Title: What would you do?
Post by: StarLight23 on August 18, 2021, 09:06:28 am
So I have an almost 16 year old and a little over a month ago, he threatened me with a kitchen knife and tried to run away. He didn't run away far, just to the local Dairy Queen and we went back home.
 At the advice of my pastor/bishop of our congregation, and the psychiatrist we recently went to, have both advised me to remove all sharp objects from the kitchen. All knives, forks, kitchen knives are now in my room and have been there for about a month. I don't let him use them for right now.
 My husband and I are working on getting him back into seeing a counselor/therapist for him, and will, of course seek their advice, but I wanted to see what you ladies thought. Obviously I don't trust him with anything sharp at this point, but at what point do I try it out and begin to work on me trusting him again?