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Title: Kinesiology help!
Post by: Blonde720 on December 02, 2019, 01:57:09 pm
I have to do an interview with someone who has a kinesiology degree or certificate. Iím taking an intro online course in kinesiology. I have a project outline to do so well as an essay on this interview. I will submit the interview directly to my professor so none of your answers will be public. I would appreciate if you could answer these questions. Feel free to send through message if you donít feel comfortable posting on this thread.  Thank you!

Here is my assignment: Include the professionalís name, position, company or institution they work for and email address as part of the introduction? 1. In what city and/or country were you raised? 2. What made you interested in ___________ (the professionalís discipline)? 3. Did you always know you wanted to be a _______? Schooling/Academic Preparation/Certification/s (Paragraph Two) 4. Where did you complete your undergraduate, graduate studies (and/or certification/s)? 5. What did you major in as an undergraduate (and/or what certification/s have you earned)? 6. What factors were crucial to your decision to attend and earn a degree at the university and program of your choice (and/or what were the factor/s you selected your certifying organization/s)? 7. What did you like best about the academic (or certification/s) program/s? What did you like least? 8. What courses did you take in college and/or personal experiences (including certification activities) best prepare you for your current career? The Profession (Paragraph Three) 9. What common characteristic/s do you see in fellow professionals? 10. What advice do you have for aspiring future professionals in your field? 11. If you were in a position to hire a ______ what qualifications and qualities would you look for in this individual? 12. What do you most like and dislike about your current position/profession? 13. What professional organizations are you an active member? How do you keep up with new developments in your field? 14. What are your thoughts on the future of ____________ (the professionalís discipline)?