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Author Topic: I had a hot minute of thinking about trolling Mumsnet  (Read 116 times)


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I had a hot minute of thinking about trolling Mumsnet
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:18:02 pm »
Joining and purposefully using American English lingo, and then writing indignant replies about how there are more countries in the world than the United Kingdom.

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Gosh, the more I think on it, there's no way for someone to do it. Even someone braver than me. (I'm too chickenshit to try.) There's *maybe* having a post titled "DD's math teacher is an idiot" and hoping someone corrects me and says "maths," but I'm pretty doubtful about it. I can't make any posts about how much stuff costs like "my ex can spend $20 on a pack of cigarettes, but not give me extra for diapers." Because it's not like in Australia where they use a dollar sign like in the U.S. And I don't think there's anything that is fine to use in the U.S., but in poor taste in another country (like tsk tsking MIL for saying DD should be punished for calling her friends sick cunts).


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Now I'm just remembering MC posts of Americans apologizing for their oh-so-ignorant peers. Like the woman who said she was Aboriginal and was going to name her son Jandaharra after the great hero of her people. And so many Americans chastised anyone who said it was a bad name, because those others didn't understand the OP's culture. And then someone from Australia told OP not to name her son that, because only poor people name their sons that. I think there was another where a woman was pissed her MIL wanted a Thanksgiving feast and they were in Australia. And all these polite daughter-in-law told her that she was a bad hostess and should make a feast for her MIL. And she was just like "The last meal of the day is always avery light the way I make it. Why do you need to overeat and make more food than is adequate for one meal to celebrate Thanksgiving? Is it really just a special occasion for no other  reason than you prepare and consume too much food? That sounds wasteful."


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lol, those always were fun posts to read on CafeMom, weren’t they? 


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Lol drink driving and kerb posts were always fun on cm lol

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Yes!!! Drink driving!!! I forgot about that one.


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They were fun and painful to read all at the same time.. Funny because people were so indignant and had to be correct, but also painful because they were so incorrect and just standing by their claims. There truly are some uneducated Americans and it pains me.
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