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Author Topic: Are we dead?  (Read 545 times)


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Re: Are we dead?
« Reply #15 on: July 25, 2019, 10:57:59 pm »
I've been busy. My sister and her family were here for a week, then I spent a week with them in Michigan, and now I'm getting ready to move again.

Didnt you move just a few months ago?
Yeah but I finally managed to find where sister was and she wants me to move in with her so they can help me get back on my feet. It's better than being right by myself struggling to keep my head above water.

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True. Hopefully this will help.
Thanks. I hope so too. I have felt so alone, like I'm drowning and people keep throwing rocks at me. It's hard to be an adult when you never got to be a kid. My father had absolute control over me my entire life. He controlled all of my choices, controlled everything I said and did, and wouldn't even let me think about my future because he decided my future was living with him and producing more victims for him. Now I'm on my own and it's lonely.

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At the risk of sounding insensitive. I think once you move in with your sister, you should seek major counseling. Maybe both of you together.  Many offices offer sliding scales if payment is a problem. Some will let you flat out go for free.

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That's the plan. One of the benefits of moving in with my sister is that I won't have to work 2 jobs just to barely pay the bills. I'll have more time to seek counseling. She has a place near where she lives that saw her and her daughter for free when she moved up there. She suffered a lot of abuse too so she had a lot of crap to get through. She said they really helped her so that's the plan for me and the girls. She said they have therapist for adults, kids, and families.


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